Banglijian Hearing Amplifier Review 2019

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If on your recent visit to an audiologist you have been tested for hearing issues, your audiologist would carry out certain basic as well as a special test to check how well you can hear.

An average human can hear sounds ranging from -10 to 15 dB. If the audiologist determines that your hearing loss is in the range from 16 to 55 dB, he will recommend that you use hearing aids.

We would like to review one such product for you, the Banglijian Hearing Amplifier Ziv-201A Rechargeable Digital Noise Cancelling Small Size (Fit to Either Ear) by Banglijian.

This hearing amplifier has been designed by audiologists, the product is lightweight which means it weighs only 3.7 grams and is 37 mm in length.

This hearing amplifier comes with a digital chip that is capable of carrying out the following functions:

  1. Operation with one finger, change tone and volume and as per your choice of listening environment.
  2. Memory save, the device will smartly remember your last setting until you have changed the settings manually, this means you do not need to change settings frequently.
  3. This hearing amplifier comes built in with volume levels and programs, 5 volume level and2 programs – quiet and noisy, with low distortion, the digital sound quality is rich and crisp.
  4. The tubes are slim serving the dual purpose of being almost invisible and good sound transmission

The product comes with an adaptor and USB cable for charging. One full charge is good enough of power supply to last one full day.

Also supplied with the hearing amplifier are 3 sound tubes, 5 ear domes, 1 cleaning brush and shockproof case for portability.

Banglijian Hearing Amplifier Review


  • Lightweight only 3.7 grams
  • Comfortable and discreet to use
  • Rechargeable, one full charge capable of providing 24 hours use
  • Manufacturer warranty for 3 years
  • Almost 1/10 of the price compared to other hearing amplifiers


  • None


This product available over the counter beats many of its expensive counterparts, it’s almost one-tenth of the cost of the more expensive hearing amplifiers in the market. This product can be worn on either of the ears, just switch the tube and you are good to go. The biggest upside of this product is that it is rechargeable, which means no additional expenses on buying batteries. PSAPs are a great way to help your ears without breaking the bank.

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