Know Headphones Review

Know Headphones Review

Everybody has owned a pair of headphones they loved only for them to break a couple of weeks later. There is nothing more depressing and frustrating at the same time. So when the founders of Know got together, they vouched to create products designed for long-lasting use. The Know designers and manufacturers undergo thorough design … Read more

Howard Leight Impact Sport Bolt Review

Foldable design reduces headphone size by 50% for compact storage. Belt clip included for easy, hands-free carrying: patented airflow control technology and padded headband with telescopic height adjustment for a personalized fit. The amplifier is equipped with built-in stereo microphones capable of amplifying distant conversations, or quiet animal sounds up to 5 times. Sensitive microphones … Read more

Laiwen Hearing Amplifier Reviews

The Laiwen LP-01 appears to be the perfect solution for buying an excellent hearing amplifier for just a penny per dollar with its impressive technical specifications and features in hearing aids. However, it’s best if you’re looking for one that fits your budget and solves your hearing loss problems. In this review of Laiwen’s LP-01, … Read more

Decibel Defense Earmuffs Review

decibel defense ear muffs

Coming from humble roots, the husband and wife duo behind the Decibel Defense Earmuffs was fueled by a mission to provide the Best Safety Earmuffs available. After extensive testing and trials to create the highest performing and comfortable model, they finally released their product. The high integrity they have as a company and commitment to … Read more